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Femmes et hommes Photojournalistes internationaux ou basés en Ukraine depuis des années, ukrainiens, polonais, internationaux, membre d’agences prestigieuses ou jeunes photographes documentant leur quotidien, qui prennent les armes ou vendent leurs tirages au profit de l’armée urkrainienne avec livraison « à la victoire », collectif photographiant les manifestations en Pologne et ailleurs, les comptes instagram présentés ici montrent une grande variétés d’approches du conflit, de regards, d’expériences humaines, que ce soit à travers les images postées ou les réactions en live des stories. Ils sont à suivre, à encourager, à relayer.

« Russkij wojennyj korabl, idi na chuj » (navire de guerre russe, va te faire foutre), se prononce « rouski voyèn’né korabèl » (navire de guerre russe), « idi naa h’ouille », avec le  « h aspiré » de « aha! », (va te faire foutre).

Les comptes à suivre :

Alina Smutko


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Une publication partagée par Alina Smutko (@alina_smutko)

On the pictures are Ukrainian journalists, who continue working in Kyiv during the war.
I don’t remember the time when I was so proud of people, who are surrounded me, who live with me in the same country. Of people I don’t even know their names. Of railway workers who try to help people to get to safe places. Of amazing courageous citizens, who join territorial defence groups. Of volunteers, how donate money, blood, food, try to help in any ways.
And of Ukrainian army. I don’t remember the time when I was so sure in our army as today. Guys, God is on your side. Coz He is always on the side of people who defend their families and lands from invaders.
And I’m proud of my colleagues, who stay in the cities, where fights is still going. Stay safe, guys. Praying for you.
I leave Kyiv this morning to my hometown, to stay with my family in this time. Hope there will be as calm and quiet as it was today. Thanks to everyone who worried, asked “are you safe?”, offered help.
Hope we will meet soon. In Kyiv, in Kharkiv, in Odesa, in Donetsk, in whenever in Ukraine.

Anastasia Vlasova


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Une publication partagée par Anastasia Vlasova (@sia_vlasova)

Anatolii Stepanov

Anna Senik


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Une publication partagée par Anna Senik (@annasenik)

Left – today, right – a week ago, when I combined clothes and jewelry for the last (before the war) shooting. This is an illustration of how much we can lose in just a few days. Appreciate what makes you happy. Every day and every minute.

Archive of public protest

Ari Messinis

Police officers and military personnel remove the bodies of civilians killed in yesterday’s airstrike that hit Kyiv’s main television tower in Kyiv on March 2, 2022. An apparent Russian airstrike hit Kyiv’s main television tower in the heart of the Ukrainian capital on March 1, 2022.

Carlos Barria


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Une publication partagée par Carlos Barria (@carlosabarria)

Chris McGrath

A civilian volunteer waits with his gun at a Territorial Defence unit registration office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Emilio Morenatti


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Une publication partagée par Emilio Morenatti (@emilio_morenatti)

Espen Rasmussen

People waiting for their loved ones at the border crossing in Medyka, Poland.

Evgeniy Maloletka

Francesco Pistili

Jelle Krings

Julia Kochetova


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Une publication partagée par Julia Kochetova (@seameer)

« Look, world. That’s called decisive moment. For 8 years we were inside proxy war, started by Russia. You called it “crisis”, “conflict”, were “deeply concerned”, keep silent and led that happen as well.
Silence always kill and this sentence was proved today at 5 am in Ukraine.
Russia started to bomb the whole country and openly invaded again in the east, south and north – the number of victims is raising every hour.
That’s called decisive moment
. »

Justyna Mielnikiewicz

Lynsey Addario


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Une publication partagée par Lynsey Addario (@lynseyaddario)

Civilians often pay the highest price in war. Images from eastern Ukraine over the past few days on assignment for the @nytimes.

Mikhail Palinchak

Mikhail Palinchak © Barricade in the centre of Kyiv with “Russian ship go fuck yourself” written on it in russian language, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2 March 2022

Mstyslav Chernov


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Une publication partagée par Mstyslav Chernov (@mstyslav.chernov)

Oksana Parafeniuk

Oleksandr Khomenko

Polina Karpova

Polina Karpova met des tirages en vente au profit de l’armée ukrainienne, en prix libre, livrables après la victoire

Rafael Yaghobzadeh


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Une publication partagée par RAF (@rafaelyaghobzadeh)

Rafal Milach


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Une publication partagée par Rafał Milach (@rafal.milach)

Ron Haviv

Serhii Korovainyi


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Une publication partagée par Serhii Korovainyi (@sergeykorovayny)

Timothy Fadek

Citizens pack grated styrofoam into bottles, to be later filled with gasoline and other flammable liquids to make Molotov cocktails. The styrofoam is intended to help the firebomb stick to vehicles and other targets. Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday February 28th, 2022.

Vadim Ghirda

Volodymyr Petrov

Jędrzej Nowicki


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Une publication partagée par Jędrzej Nowicki (@jnowickiphoto)

Aider ?

La start-up française Jobgether (site de recherche d’emploi) a créé en un temps record, une plateforme pour mettre relation des réfugiés ukrainiens avec des familles d’accueil européennes.
Vous êtes intéressé·e ? Cela se passe sur EU4UA

Voici la liste de plusieurs organisations fiables que vous pouvons soutenir. Ces organisations se concentrent sur l’aide militaire, notamment l’achat de matériel militaire et l’aide médicale aux soldats.
Ukrainian National Bank – Official Account For Army Support
Account: 5040040066
IBAN DE05504000005040040066
Wilhelm-Epsteinn-Strabe 14, 60431 Frankfurt Am Main,Germany
Account: UA843000010000000047330992708

Army SOS



Phoenix Wings

Carine Dolek
Carine Dolek est journaliste, critique et commissaire indépendante. Directrice artistique de la galerie Le petit espace, Co-fondatrice du festival Circulation(s) et membre de l’association Fetart, elle préfère les questions aux réponses, et a exposé, entre autres, the Dwarf Empire, de Sanne de Wilde, The Curse - La malédiction, de Marianne Rosenstiehl, The Poems, de Boris Eldagsen. Elle est également lauréate du Young Curator Award de la Biennale de Photographie Photolux (Italie).

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