Les nouveaux photographes de l’Agence VII

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Photo by Anush Babajanyan / VII. People in the historical center Sur in Diyarbakir, Turkey, fled their houses during clashes between Turkish police and Kurdish militants, in 2015-2016. Many returned to find their houses looted. The family of Halide (far left), Gulistan (in the middle), and Kader (far right), a family of 14, left Sur for 2 months in winter 2016. Only a young man remained to take care of the pigeons and dogs. People were looting the neighbourhoods at the time, and someone stole a Kalashnikov gun from their house.

L’Agence VII annonce l’arrivée de nouveaux photographes. Il s’agit d’Anush Babajanyan, Zackary Canepari, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Ziyah Gafic, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Ruddy Roye et Nichole Sobecki. Ils rejoignent les autres membres de l’agence (Jessica Dimmock, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Ed Kashi, Stefano De Luigi, Christopher Morris, Maciek Nabrdalik, Franco Pagetti et Tomas van Houtryve).

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