Paris Photo : Interview de Silvia Bonsiepe & Sebastian Klemm (Klemm’s)

Temps de lecture estimé : 4mins

La 21ème édition de la célèbre foire internationale Paris Photo ouvre ses portes aux professionnels dès demain et au public ce jeudi 9 novembre. Aujourd’hui, nous vous proposons de partir à la rencontre de Silvia Bonsiepe et Sebastian Klemm, directeurs de la galerie Klemm’s basée à Berlin. Cette dernière fête cette année son 10ème anniversaire.

Entretien en anglais.

9 lives : What do you think of the recent evolution of the market ?

Silvia Bonsiepe & Sebastian Klemm : Any market is always very volatile and not reliable. The art market is here no exception. The question will be in how far quality fights its way through the oversupply of art that is currently on the market. And here the role of individual decision making comes into play versus following the general crowd. We do believe that personal experience and direct encounter with an artwork still is absolutely valid – so, physical gallery spaces and art fairs are still feasible places to show, discuss and buy/sell art. Photography is currently definitively enjoying a considerable up-swing in the market. We see more and more collectors who we know through other ‚media‘ (painting, sculpture) getting seriously interested in photography. Especially if it is conceptually grounded and formally and aesthetically fresh and unique. We are very optimistc that this is developing even more in the coming years as photography is the medium of our times and institutions are buying as well on earlier stages of an artist’s career.

9 lives : What are your challenges for Paris Photo 2017 ?

S. B. & S. K. : The artists that we will have with us are currently enjoying a growing level of attention and are having important pieces in solo or group exhibitions all over Europe parallel to Paris Photo 2017. They are represented in established institutional and private collections and we are looking forward to widening this circle of attention. We have developed very good relations with a number of collectors – from France and abroad – and we hope to foster and further tighten them. Paris Photo is a good place for this as it offers a very professional and concentrated atmosphere throughout all days of the fair. We are bringing very strong pieces from the artist we represent to Paris and are sure this wil find good resonance.

9 lives : How will you organise the dialogue between the 5 artists shown ? 

S. B. & S. K. : For Paris Photo 2017 we will present new and current works by Viktoria Binschtok, Adrian Sauer and Gwenneth Boelens in dialogue with selected vintage prints by pivotal artist Jan Groover. The presented pieces are loosely linked to the terms ‘fragments’/ ‘p-a-r-t-s’. Our times are marked by the phenomena of ‘selective attention’ and ‘layered information’. And the works in our presentation are responding to that notion with their respective visual, formal and conceptual rigor. Viktoria and Adrian are stepping into the spotlight as two of the most prominent young artists working in the field of conceptual photography / image making in Germany. Their work is very much at the centre of critical disourse in the field of contemporary photography and has been shown and collected by numerous institutions and public collections in recent years. Dutch artist Gwenneth Boelens is working on the fringes of classical photography – emplyoing ancient and traditional techniques in her highly poetic and subtle work. Finally Jan Groover – a pivotal and highly influential figure for the current generation of artist – will be present with rare, extremely beautiful vintage prints, which can be seen as conceptual grounding for the free, artistic approach to the medium, shared by all artists in our presentation.

• Klemm’s
Prinzessinnenstraße 29
10969 Berlin
• Paris Photo
Klemm’s Stand D23
Artistes exposés : Gwenneth Boelens, Viktoria Binschtok, Jan Groover et Adrian Sauer
Du 9 au 12 novembre 2017
Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

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